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TOR Products for paints & coatings include:
– Alumina Trihydrate (ATH)
– Boehmite (alumina monohydrate or AMH)
– TiO2-Color Pigments
– Barium Sulfate

Beyond flame retardant & smoke suppressant properties, our ALUPREM ATH and Boehmite products offer significant performance benefits in coatings applications.


* Typical uses include powder coatings, roof coatings, industrial coatings and paints and primers.
* TA-10 particle sizing ideal for lowering gloss- “matting effect”

ALUPREM Boehmite

* Mineral hardness provides important scratch resistance to coatings

TOR BRITE Boehmite

* TiO2 synergist to improve brightness and reduce yellowness


* Beige & Gray Colored Hybrid Pigments offer cost savings in a wide range of colors
* Widely used by major international paint companies

BARYPREM Barium Sulfate Slurry

* High whiteness / brightness, chemical inertness and high density
* Used in high performance / high gloss applications such as Automotive Primers
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