Stockholder Communication with the Board of Directors

The board of directors has adopted a formal policy by which stockholders may communicate with members of the board of directors by mail addressed to an individual member of the board, to the full board, or to a particular committee of the board, at the following address: c/o Corporate Secretary, TOR Minerals International Inc., P.O. Box 60129, Corpus Christi, Texas 78466. Any such communication must contain:

  • a representation that the stockholder is a holder of record of our capital stock;
  • the name and address, as they appear on our books, of the stockholder sending such communication; and
  • the class and number of shares of our capital stock that are beneficially owned by such stockholder.

The Corporate Secretary will forward such communications to our board of directors or the specified individual director to whom the communication is directed unless such communication is unduly hostile, threatening, illegal or similarly inappropriate, in which case the Corporate Secretary that the authority to discard the communication or to take the appropriate legal action regarding such communication.