For the thermoplastics market, TOR Minerals offers a full range of flame retardant & smoke suppressant solutions for applications like flexible & rigid PVC, Wire & Cable, Pipe and Flooring:

* ALUPREM ATH products are designed for use in resin systems such as polyethylene, PVC & acrylics, where compounding temperatures are below 200°C. Engineered surface treatment is available to improve dispersion and increase ATH loadings for higher performance.

* ALUPREM Boehmite is thermally stable to processing temperatures >300°C, suitable for polypropylene and engineered thermoplastic applications. ALUPREM boehmite offers excellent dispersion, good resin compatibility and improved mechanical properties.

* TOR BRITE Boehmite is a TiO2 synergist.  TOR BRITE boehmite improves brightness and lowers yellowness (b value) in formulation.